Cars, Mattresses Burn on Scenic Miami River

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via Channel 10

After decades of city sewage pouring into its channels and heavy industry springing on up on its shores, the Miami River hasn't always had the classiest reputation in town.

The perception may be changing, but headlines like this won't help.
It's not exactly the Cuyahaga River catching aflame, but there's nothing quite like a derelict barge full of flaming mattresses and cars to classy up the neighborhood.

A fire broke out on a 215-foot, Haiti bound freighter near 22nd Avenue this morning, according to Channel 10.

With cars and mattresses stacked tightly together, firefighters aren't having much luck containing the blaze, firefighters told the TV station.

"The big concern is that if it gets to the cars with the tires, that makes it very difficult to put out a tire fire," Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue told Channel 10. "Then you will probably hear some small explosions if the heat is large enough for it to cause the tires to start to explode."

So if you're near the river, hear some explosions and look out the window to find some burning mattresses and cars, don't worry: it's just another Tuesday on the Miami River.

-- Tim Elfrink

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