In Sarah Palin's World Tony Sparano is Torpedo Vindicator

We may laugh at the names of Sarah Palin's children now, but moms everywhere are surely inspired by her knack for unique nomenclature.

Luckily the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator is here to help them in choosing their own wacky kid names. Riptide gave it a test run by plugging in some of our favorite Miamians.

Rudy Crew: Turbine Yukon
Gloria Estefan: Hen Waffle
Donna Shalala: Mole Valdez
Tony Sparano: Torpedo Vindicator
Dwyane Wade: Foot Chassis
Carlos Alvarez: Cuppa Invader
Elaine Lancaster: Rock Crane
Chad Ocho Cinco: Bush Gator
Lincoln Diaz-Balart: Fire Patriot

The name "Mole Valdez" is a little piece of heaven, but maybe Tony Sparano should really change his name. A team lead by Torpedo Vindicator would never loose.

--Kyle Munzenrieder a.k.a. Shoulder Frontier

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