UM Student Bikes From Ill. to Coral Gables

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Yeah, we see your smug little face sitting behind the driver's wheel of a Prius. Oh gee look, you're saving the environment single handedly, aren't you there? Well your self satisfaction is about to take a plunge. Come back and talk to us when you bike 1,450 miles to arrive for your freshman year of college.

The Miami Hurricane interviews a Jamshed Jehangir who did just that.

Jehangir, known by friends as “JJ,” biked from his home in Downers Grove, Ill. to the Coral Gables campus – a 1,450-mile journey that took him 17 days.

“I was trying to find an adventure,” said Jehangir, who is majoring in studio music and jazz. “If you have an opportunity like that, you take it.”

Suddenly we feel a lot worse for driving the entire five minutes to work everyday.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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