At Least You Can Still Pretend to Make Money on Miami Real Estate

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Hasbro is releasing a special Miami & The Beaches edition of the classic board game Monopoly in November. The traditional places on the board are replaced by Miami landmarks (Boardwalk is Ocean Drive, for example) and the game pieces have South Florida significance, too (like a life guard stand and an alligator). Chance cards are replaced by Ocean Drive Magazine branded cards, while the Community Chest is replaced by The Miami Herald. In keeping with realities in this special edition most of your properties enter foreclosure and the chance and community chest cards significantly lose value and are forced to make staff cuts as the game goes on. No, it's a fantasy board game so you can still be a millionaire! Perfect bit of escapism for the current economic downturn!

The game was the idea of María Eugenia Bacó, and a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Miami Design Preservation League. It hits stores November 12th. For more information visit the official Miami Monopoly website.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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