Bicentennial Hootenanny with Barack

Logan Fazio
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama addressed the crowd at Miami's Bicentennial Park. Click here to view the full slideshow.

The best part of today's rally at Bicentennial Park wasn't that Barack Obama showed he was smarter than John McCain. Nor was it that he exhibited how ridiculous the Republican's weird defense of non-criticism of Joe the Plumber was. That was surreal, maybe. But not great,

Nor was it Princeton educated Michelle Obama, even though I am jazzed about an accomplished lawyer in the White House after eight years of Mrs. Hedge.

Nor was it even the evening breeze that finally cooled things off or the fact that he was speaking just blocks from Overtown, where Louis Armstrong. Muhammad Ali, and others were forced to stay when segregation kept them off Miami Beach.

No, the best part of the whole damn thing was the chant for pie. "Everyone here wants their piece of the pie," said the candidate.

"We want pie, we want pie," responded the crowd.

Now, of course, the estimated 30,000 people were talking economics. But hey, after a hard afternoon out there playing politics, I was hungry.

So, as I write this, I am downing some apple tart, gulping milk, and planning the resurgence of right-minded, educated America.

-- Chuck Strouse

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