Jury In "The Suitcase Trial" Can't Reach A Verdict

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Still waiting for a verdict on Chavez's alleged plot to funnel money to Fernandez. Photo via Getty Images.

After two months of drama and international intrigue in Miami's federal courthouse, the Herald reports this afternoon that a jury hasn't been able to reach a verdict in "the suitcase trial."

The complex case revolves around accusations that a Miami businessman tried to smuggle a suitcase full of cash from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to political ally Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez.

Latin American media have followed the story closely, with camera crews parked in front of the Wilkie D. Ferguson Courthouse since jury deliberations began on Friday.

In a note read to the judge this afternoon, the jury's foreman wrote, ''We cannot reach a unanimous verdict," according to the Herald. The judge will have to decide whether to send the jury back to work or to declare a mistrial.

-- Tim Elfrink

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