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  • Panel finds the hiring of Carvahlo unethical. [Herald]
  • Flood Advisory until 11:15am. [CBS4]
  • The congressional candidates all got together for a forum at the former Parrot Jungle. Lots of squawking to be heard. [Herald]
  • Joe Biden had an event in Estero yesterday and amazingly didn't incite anyone into an anti-media or racist frenzy. [NDN]
  • Old Navy hired everyone's favorite local advertising wunderfirm, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, to help peddle their third-world-produced $8.99 cargo shorts and such. [Ad Week]
  • Those prime time SNL election specials start airing tonight on NBC. Rumor is that Palin herself might drop by. [AP]
  • Another step to some weird corporate socialism: The government may take ownership stakes in banks. [CBS4]
  • Lots of people think Obama's shit doesn't stink, but his plane apparently does. [CBS]
  • American Princess Sarah Palin is distantly related to Princess Di. [Telegraph]

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