Photos that won't help the "MMA is not gay!" cause

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In July, New Times columnist Elyse Wanshel opined that perhaps Mixed Martial Arts -- that sport of sweat-drenched extreme dry-humping -- is a tad bit homosexual. Diehard MMA fans, it turns out, weren't exactly pleased (by the way, thanks for the anthrax!)

Well, you're all forgiven for doubting us. On Saturday night, formerly homeless fighter Kimbo Slice got re-bummed, handed his ass by Fort Myers native Seth Petruzelli, who replaced injured Ken Shamrock on the card at the last minute. For the moment at least, Petruzelli is suddenly the new most exciting face of the sport.

And Deadspin mined his MySpace page for some photos that are certainly worth a thousand words -- and that word is "gay", written over and over again, in bright red ink.


Check out the rest here. We'll be at the bar, celebrating our vindication.

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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