Unless (or even if) you're already in line for your free Jay-Z tickets, you're out of luck.

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This man broke our heart.

Perhaps you heard: on Sunday, Jay-Z will perform a free show at the Bayfront Park Ampitheater in an effort to drum up voter registration. Tickets started getting handed out at Obama campaign centers throughout the city this morning.

Well, if you haven't heard, and already picked up your tickets, you might as well stop reading now. Tickets are dwindling, chaos is building, and at least one campaign center, in Coral Gables, has run out. Two of our own staffers were turned away there, after waiting in line for two hours. The photo above shows the cold-hearted volunteer in mid-jilt.

Tickets at the Downtown center survived a bit longer, but even there only one stack of tickets remained about a half-hour ago, and the line stretching down the block was beginning to devolve rowdily as people got more desperate.

But hey, if you didn't snag a ticket, at least you can read about the show here on Monday: enough New Timers braved the lines to ensure that there will be roughly eight Riptide recaps the next morning.

UPDATE: Sigh. The tickets are now going for up to $200 on Craigslist. Shameless.

-Gus Garcia-Roberts

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