Election Day: Coral Gables Polling Place Quiet and McCain-Loving


For anyone familiar with the leafy, lockjawed recesses of Coral Gables, the scene this morning at the historic Coral Gables Golf and Country Club -- the polling place for Precinct 608 -- was hardly a surprise. A drive down the tree-canopied Alhambra Circle, on the way to the country club, has for weeks revealed row after row of McCain/Palin signs. Perhaps the only revelations here were: 1) McCain/Palin lawn signs apparently also come in pink, and 2) the number of Obama signs had drastically increased within the past week. (Perhaps these homeowners will soon find themselves slapped with dubious zoning code citations.)

The scene at the polls reflected Coral Gables itself: pale, khaki-clad, about half-posh-Spanish-speaking, and quiet. And not gladly suffering reporters for salacious rags -- pretty much nobody wanted to talk to me. Not even the lone Obama sign-holder. Burn!

The line itself went about halfway down the block -- longish, perhaps, but not much longer than during past major elections. Campaign workers were quiet, too, at least in actual volume. But a gaggle of McCain supporters decided to remind us, in a protest-outside-of-Planned-Parenthood kind of way, about abortion. This meant large posters emblazoned with things such as photos of a fetus's head in a jar. Keep it classy! -- Arielle Castillo



The two lonely Obama signs outside the country club

You were expecting maybe Chevrolets?

The sign being held by the woman on the left was a gigantic photo of an aborted fetus.

A leaflet reminding voters that Obama "opposes" "medical treatment [for] children that survive abortions."

Not everyone at the scene was a McCain-lover.

A brave homeowner displays an Obama sign steps from the country club.

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