Even Lil Wayne disapproves of Pacman Jones' antics

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Thumbnail image for lilwayne.jpgMiami's favorite pill-popping, adopted-father Frenching, nonsensical metaphor making (or is "I can play basketball with the moon" a simile?) rambling blogger Lil Wayne has used his ESPN.com soapbox to unleash a rant about troubled Cowboys defensive back Pacman Jones' indefinite suspension from the NFL:

I don't think the Pacman Jones situation is sad at all. I do not think Pacman Jones should be in the NFL. If I was the commissioner, I'd kick him out. They keep giving him chances and he keeps messing up. You got guys like Hines Ward out there getting fined for making plays on the field on one hand, and then on the other hand you got guys in situations where people are getting shot. Come on. You have to be smart about the company you keep. I should know. But sometimes it's not just friends--it's family members who are into bad stuff who bring you down. And how can you get rid of family? You can't. That's why I think, in his situation, there is no way he's turning it around. I mean, come on. He's a grown man. They don't give these huge contracts to kids. His main job is to stay out of trouble and he can't do that, so I'd kick him out of the league.

Okay, okay, fair enough. But didn't you make a song called "Make it Rain"- the very activity that has come to define Pacman Jones' troubles? Dare I ask: how do you say "hypocrite" in Weezy?

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