Fontainebleau Spends Sexily

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thong.jpgThe Fontainebleau's marketing department is one entity that seemingly won't need a bailout anytime soon. Last weekend's festivities certainly must have cost a pretty penny, and inserting a 16-page booklet into December's Vanity Fair doesn't come cheap.

The thing is supposed to be a calendar, but basically is just semi-erotic shot after semi-erotic shot of a single sultry model overlaid with tiny number and months. In fact, it's not even clear that they're advertising a hotel. There're few words, and if we didn't understand English we'd figure it was an ad for a lingerie and swim wear company. 
Not that we're complaining, but it barely registers in the mag. Every other ad uses half naked people, and that's not even counting the editorial content. The insert comes a couple pages after a full page shot of some hulky ballet dancer in a speedo that gives us serious body dysmphormia, and a little bit deeper in the book awaits Kate Winslet's tastefully exposed rear end. Sex sells, but we're kind of numbed to it.

While we're on the subject of Graydon Carter's cultural dictate, the mag's monthly round up of all the world's most important cultural events doesn't list Art Basel. We're pretty sure it's made the pages in year past, but maybe it has been deemed passé, or maybe, at this point, everyone who needs to know already does.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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