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  • The Florida Legislature is getting worried about the budget. There could be a deficit of as much as $2 billion this fiscal year. [Local10]
  • A Broward High School swim coach is arrested on child pornography charges. Who knew a guy who spends his free time around a bunch of teenagers in speedos would be that kind of guy? [WPTV]
  • Charlie Crist wants to raise tuition at all state universities by 15%. [CBS4]
  • Miami-Dade County's Planning Advisory Board voted 7-3 to move back the Urban Development Line for a new suburb. [Herald]
  • Manny Diaz's name is still one of the most buzzed about for HUD. [WaPo]
  • Burn Notice may not be coming back to Coconut Grove for a third season.[Miami Today]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder

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