Primary Fight Brings Street Art Ethos to Basel

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Famed Culture Jammer and artist Ron English is sure to fancy up some lucky Wynwood wall

At the heart of Art Basel lies an unabashed celebration of commerce and luxury, but not every art piece is meant to double as an investment and status symbol that looks good hanging over a designer sofa. Some isn't meant to last forever or owned by any, but to be seen by all. For the second year, Primary Fight takes up those ethos with it's installment of street art. Over 40 internationally renowned and local artists will take to the streets of Wynwood to leave their mark on some lonely walls. Artists this year include Blek Le Rat, Boxi, Chris Stain, El Mac, Santiago Rubino, and Logan Hicks and locals including Blackbooks, Crome, and MSG. The project is in part curated by Anthony Spinello and BOOKSIIII.

Maps will be available online detailing the location of work during the week, as well as passed out through Wynwood.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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