Sand Sculpture Competition on Key Biscayne

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Ten teams of college kids (and reps from one high school and two architectural firms) gathered Sunday on Key Biscayne.  From noon to 3:30 about 150 people dug and sculpted some incredible stuff at Crandon Park. It was the tenth time the Miami chapter of the American Institute of Architects has sponsored the competition and the third time on the Key.

"This was the best competition we have had," said Bernard Horovitz, president of the American Institutre of Architects. "The participation was the best. ...and we intend to keep on having it."

The winners:

Golden Bucket (first place): FIU for a shoe.

Silver Shovel: Shulman Architects for a head of the owner of the firm.

Bronze Shovel: University of Miami for the Sydney Opera House.

Best Student Exhibit: The Design and Architecture Senior High of Barack Obama with John McCain under his feet.

Public Favorite: Miami International University for a Crab.

More pictures after the jump.

Chuck Strouse


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