Barcelona's MLS Bid Might Not Pan Out

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fc-barcelona-crest.jpg (JPEG Image, 320x320 pixels).jpgA fair number of locals were excited that a Major League Soccer team might be coming back to Miami, especially under the guidance of FC Barcelona, but here comes The New York Times soccer blog with their vicious theories and reporting to rain on our parade.

While they still say that the odds that one of MLS's two new planned franchises will end up in Miami are better than even, they have some bad news too.
For one, they say that Euro clubs are only interested in expanding in to the American market to sell jerseys. Too bad the MLS has made it clear that any Miami team cannot wear Barcelona's famed blue and red threads. See, MLS will enter an exclusive deal with Adidas, while Barca's jerseys are made exclusively by Nike. So they might not even be able to sell them at games.

The other road bump is that Barcelona may want to use the team to showcase younger talent at some of their training camps, and then sell their contracts to other Euro clubs. MLS requires exclusive contracts.

So basically what The Times is getting at is that once FC Barcelona realizes it might not be able to maximize fringe benefits from a Miami team, they might drop their enthusiasm if MLS doesn't change those rules,  lessening our chances for a franchise.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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