Diddy Will Deny The Bearcat's Fancy Hotel Stay

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It is football day here on Riptide apparently, so we'll keep this post short. The Cincinnati Bearcats will be playing in the Orange Bowl on New Years Day against Virginia Tech (a game the Canes, theoretically, could be playing in if they didn't have such a deep commitment to ruining everything). So they made hotel arrangements, and decided to go full out for rooms at the Fontainebleau. Yeah, a hotel on the beach that just got a $1 billion face lift. How thrifty! Problem is P. Diddy will be hosting a New Years Eve party at the place. So the Bearcats head coach is looking to make a last minute switch in lodging so his team isn't distracted. Eh, partying with rapper in Miami didn't work out so bad for the Canes in the '80s. Win wise anyway. 

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