Dolphins Super Bowl Odds: Not So Good, Actually

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a_2-dolphins-766809.jpg 600×480 pixels.jpgFirst off, sometimes I wish our Miami NFL teams had a different animal as its mascot. Dolphins only have one expression, and that is "I am so friggin' happy at the moment!!!!" This is why there will never be LOLCat-like ROFLFins, and this is why I can never illustrate a post about bad news for the Miami Dolphins with a picture of a sad looking dolphin, because there is no such thing as a sad looking dolphin. This is the kind of thing that only concerns you when you are a blogger, but believe me it keeps me up at night.  

Anyway, the betting odds are in the Dolphins Super Bowl chances, and it's not looking good. The fins are +1100 to win the AFC according the SBG Global Sportsbook, making them the longest shot by far despite the fact they're the third seed in the division. And the odds that they'll win the Superbowl are +2500. Only the Vikings and the Cardinals have worse odds. ESPN's Page Two has similar odds, giving the Dolphins a 30:1 shot. 

Most odd-jacks are looking at the NY Giants either playing the Titans or the Steelers in the big game, with the Giants repeating last season's victory. 

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