Ivana Trump Ending Her Traditional Marriage

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ivana_narrowweb__300x416,0.jpg (JPEG Image, 300x416 pixels).jpgIvana Trump, ex-wife of the Donald, is ending her 7 month marriage to Italian reality show contestant Rossano Rubicondi, a man 24 years her junior. It was Ivana's fourth wedding. The two wed in a lavish West Palm Beach ceremony in April, but apparently Ivana wasn't a fan of the Sunshine State. Rubicondi wanted to spend more time living in Miami, while Trump wanted to remain a New Yorker.

"Rossano wants to live in Miami and work in Milan. ... But, I am a New Yorker and my family, friends and businesses are here. As the beautiful song says, 'Que sera sera!'"

This doesn't bode well for a certain other New York socialite and her sun loving Florida boy toy. Oh well, at least all of this remains constitutionally valid! Yay! Marriage is to protect the children! Way to go keeping up the sancitity of the institution, you two.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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