The End of the Revolution?

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cuba.jpgThis weekend, the New York Times Magazine has a big cover piece on the generational shift underway in Cuba, as much of the population that knew and loved Fidel are aging out and giving way to a new generation who have no association with the near-catatonic octagarian's iconic early days. Here's a description of the piece, which is not yet online, by Slate:

"The author hopes U.S.-Cuban relations change under the next administration, although "Cuba is some way down Obama's priority list." Once "the winter playground of Americans, a place to gamble, rumba, smoke puros and sip mojitos, the land of every vice and any trade," Cuba has become characterized by its isolation and stagnant economy. Case in point: A vendor waits in his store with nothing to sell until frozen chickens arrive from the United States, ironically "the largest exporter of food to Cuba," despite the trade blockade."

Nothing ground breaking there, but still may be worth a Sunday read.

--Jesse Hyde

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