Argentina Prez Says Fidel is Doing Fine

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cristina_fernandez_de_kirchner.JPG (JPEG Image, 480x600 pixels).jpgPeronist Argentine President Cristina Kirchner had a face-to-face chit chat with Fidel Castro today, and told the Government's press agency that Castro seems to be in good health. This conflicts with recent front page news that Castro is near death.

She also reports that Castro watched Obama's swearing-in ceremony. Kirchner didn't divulge Castro's opinion of our new Prez, but she personally finds him to be, "a sincere person and with good ideas."

Kirchner, wife of former president Nestor Kirchner, isn't quite part of the ideological trifecta of Castro, Morales, and Chavez but has good relations with those regimes. She also had a relatively good relationship with Former President Bush.

[via AFP]

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