Can We Get Landmark Status for the Sum Yum Gai Sign?

ve6n0p.jpgWhat Miami Beach really needs is an iconic landmark. Sure, we've got the beach, the Art Deco district, and the lifeguard stands, but I'm talking about something more singular. A place where tourists eagerly wait in line to get their picture snapped and friendly homeless people try to sell them commemorative postcards and lighters. 

I nominate the Sum Yum Gai sign. As Chet and Ryan from this season's Real World illustrate, it's already a popular photo op. Search Sum Yum Gai on Flickr, Google Images,or Photobucket and you'll see, for whatever reason, people love having their picture taken in front of the sign. Let's take advantage of that. Slap it on some T-shirts, promotional ads, and souvenirs and rebrand the town "South Beach: Home of Sum Yum Gai!"

At the very least, let's make sure it doesn't suffer the same fate as downtown's Coppertone Girl, because it's clearly more popular. [photo via ONTD]

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