Congratulations, We're the Fattest City in America!

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The Policies of Food and Fat.JPG (JPEG Image, 431x500 pixels).jpgMen's Fitness has been tracking America's fattest city for the past 11 years, and Miami came out number one. We're even fatter than Oklahoma City!

The methodology takes more into account than just the percentage of overweight people, but we certainly have our share. From USA Today:

"Miami received poor marks because of a large number of overweight people, a high rate of TV viewing among residents, long commutes, and poor air quality. The city has almost three times as many fast-food restaurants as the average city. And participation is low in outdoor activities such as biking, running, and fitness walking."

You'd think a city with an infamous beach and sunny weather would try to keep itself more fit, but that's not the case. The fittest cities include chilly inland destinations such as Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Minneapolis. While flashier cities such as New York and Las Vegas join us near the top of the fat list. 

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