Dumb Sex Ads and Light Beer Aren't the Spirit for Flight Attendants

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For far too long, Riptide has singled out Burger King as our favorite locally based company with desperately attention-seeking advertising to blog about. At least BK's stunts take a bit of thought and steer clear of the cheap and easy "sex sells" mode of advertising. Not so for the Miramar-based discount airline Spirit.

The company's ads are pissing off not only blogger, but also actually its own flight attendants, so much so that their union is making a formal complaint to the company.

Spirit's ads have promised DDs (deep discounts) and a "threesom deal," as well as heralded a "MILF" promo (that's 'many islands, low fare').

And it's not just Spirit's own advertisements that are an issue; the company has actually taken to selling advertising on the bodies of its flight attendents. They're all now required to display a Bud Light patch on their aprons.

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