Jackie Mason Allowed to Wander Around Lincoln Road Kvetching About Obama

"How do you do? You see all this shrubbery in the back round here? This is one of the most beautiful atmospheres in the world. You might think I'm in ...some kind of an island somewhere far off everyplace where's this some kind of unbelievable resort area a thousand miles or a million miles from New York. But you want me to tell you where I am? Miami Beach. When you go to Miami Beach you think 'Well it's nothing,' So happens, this is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, and as a resort are it makes some of those cockamamie islands that people get excited about look like crap."

What. The. Hell. Jackie Mason?

"It makes some of those cockamamie islands that people get excited about look like crap," might be a fine choice for Miami Beach's next official slogan, but this is not how you traditionally start off your Anti-Obama YouTube video.

The 72 year-old comedian, who's main shtick now is that he is just too Jewish to handle, is allowed on the internet and spends his time making rambling, political Vlogs. You might remember his counter to Sarah Silverman's The Great Schlep.

This latest video starts out with this insane endorsement of Miami Beach, but then he goes into some sort of tirade against Obama and how Republicans are totally lame for not running the plans of this man who was elected by sizable majority and whose party controls both houses of congress, and then predicts that all Republicans will soon "stab themselves in their heart," by Thursday.

He then decides to talk to people about Obama in "this beach area, this most beautiful area..." about Obama at Gitmo.

So the first person he runs into is Amy Schumer, the stand-up comedian niece of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. And then he talks to some 16 year old.

And all of this adds up, somehow, to the fact that Barack Obama is a horrible, horrible President.

The end. Thank you Jackie Mason for so eloquently explaining this to us all.

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