Local Skateboard Hero Kick-Flips His Way Into Hall of Fame

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1104923248_l.jpg 600×825 pixels.jpgThere's really no better honor in life than landing the cover of New Times, as local skateboard legend Robby Weir did two and a half years ago, but we suppose in his line of work, being inducted into the Florida Skateboarding Hall of Fame comes in a pretty close second. 

Weir got his first taste of prominence when he did skate tricks as a teenager for a Burger King commercial. This was back when BK used stunts in its advertising, not as its advertising. A pro career seemed imminent, but that changed when he wound up on crutches after wrecking his knee as a 17-year-old in 1983. After recovering, he never reached Tony Hawk-like heights, but competed in competitions, booked modeling gigs, and did stunt work along the way. Another accident in 2003 left him with a broken shoulder, but he recovered and also found time to write Miami Inverted, which is available on his website

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