Matt Damon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Press Week

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All Matt Damon wanted to do this weekend was read about himself in The Miami Herald and other noted bastions of journalism and drink at White Room? Is that too much to ask? Can he not do these things with all sorts of backlash? Apparently not.

As previous reported right here on Riptide, Matt Damon was spotted at White Room for Miami's perennial indie-kid party Poplife. Anyone who's ever been to Poplife in the last few years knows a good portion of the regulars show up for impromptu photo shoot action courtesy of O.G. Night Life snapper Jipsy and those other Last Night's Party disciples. If you're for some reason camera adverse, Poplife is not the place for you, sorry Damon. The blogger behind Miami, Bro tried to get a shot of Matt Damon, only to get yelled at by his entourage. Bro retaliated with a post titled "Matt Damon hates my guts, and I hate his."

Of course, that's the least of Damon's worries. His interview in the Miami Herald this Sunday has raised some eyebrows. We've already covered his feud with recently fired NY Times columnist Bill Kristol, but that's just the tip the iceberg.

He also took time to bash James Bond in the interview, calling the fictional, fantasy character "an imperialist, misogynist sociopath who goes around bedding women and swilling martinis and killing people. He's repulsive." This has Bond fans ruffled, and others wondering why Matt Damon just can't shut up?

Then he talks about torture, which apparently as a Hollywood Celebrity he is an expert in. An LA Times blogger called him a mensch.

Then a WaPo blog suggests that he was too much of a diva to attend the Obama Inauguration.

Matt Damon, just stop, please, or you'll end up like Jackie Mason making weird, rambling political youtube videos in your old age.

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