Miami Is a Bona Fide Movie Star Now, and We Deserve to Be Treated as Such

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After years of taking parts in more cheesy B-list sequels than Eugene Levy, the Magic City has achieved A-list status at the box office. For the second weekend in a row, the Miami-filmed flick Marley & Me came in at number one in ticket sales. Yeah, yeah, America may love Jennifer Aniston, cute pups, and the book the film was based on, but we suspect they also quite enjoyed the shots of Miami's sunny skyline while most of them were dealing with this thing they call "winter." 

With Marley's success, on top of this year's Bollywood hit Dostana, Miami has proved itself as a major A-lister. And while other states are intent on undercutting the economic benefits we offer to filmmakers, we've got star power. Plus these flicks pump millions of dollars into the local economy and often inspire a bit of silver-screen-inspired tourism. 

Perhaps the economic relief could be a bit more direct. Someone ought to pitch a flick starring Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd as competing realtors in the Big Orange (subliminal message: Come buy condos in Miami! Come buy condos in Miami!) who finally realize the only thing they love more than selling beautiful, spacious homes in sunny, sexy Miami is each other. 

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