Not Only Are We Fat and Poor, but Also We Don't Sleep

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yawn.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x343 pixels).jpgWhat a depressing week for Miami in the listacles department. Not only are we the fattest city and have one of the riskiest real estate markets in the country, but also it turns out we don't get much sleep either.

Men's Health ranked 101 American cities by how well they sleep at night, and Miami came in at 96 with an overall grade of D-. The rankings take into account the percentage of citizens who get less than seven hours of sleep a night, the number who have insomnia, how many people pop sleeping pills, and the prevelance of sleep-disorder centers per capita. 

The magazine also reports a correlation between stress and insomnia. So with Miami's unreal foreclosure rate, high levels of poverty, and apparently a burgeoning gut, it's really no surprise. [via CBS4, image via Swiss Miss]

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