Porn Kings Want Some Barely Legal Bailout Action, Too

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paris_joe_francis.jpg 480×626 pixels.jpgHustler publisher Larry Flint is known for making all sorts of weird political stands, and Girls Gone Wild auteur Joe Francis just loves publicity so this is most likely a stunt, but apparently the pair is headed to Washington to ask congress for a $5 billion bailout for the skin flick industry. But who knows, Francis has legendary persuasive skills ("come on baby, just one nipple for the camera") and Flint has an army of hussies on hand to do his bidding. 

Apparently, during these hard times Americans are having less hard times, as adult DVD sales have plummeted by 22% in the last year. But could you imagine the political bickering that would occurr if this was a serious consideration. Republicans would surely only want to give hand outs to straight porn, because nothing promotes the sanctity of marriage quite like Barely Legal Anal Queens #45. Democrats (with the strong support of a certain Ft. Lauderdale mayoral candidate) would make sure that the makers of Johnny's Football Locker-room Orgy Adventure would get their money shot too. Though, in a move reminiscent of the EDNA debacle they'd probably give tranny porn the shaft. Doesn't anyone think about Eddie Murphy's masturbatory needs?

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