DJ Khaled Has Not Been Killed in a High-Speed Bentley Chase, DJ Khaled Claims

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In one of the more outrageous celebrity-death rumors we've heard (FYI: Eminem, Blossom, and Doogie Howser are indeed alive) various blogs have been reporting that Miami pseudo-star DJ Khaled led cops on a three-hour Bentley chase through Los Angeles streets before killing himself.

A white-Bentley-driving assault suspect did indeed lead cops on a chase and then kill himself as he was surrounded. First Chris Brown was said to be the driver, and then DJ Khaled, probably because he sort of looks like him (pictured above). And while Ace Hood does indeed seem the ideal music to listen to during such an activity, apparently DJ Khaled was not the driver, or so DJ Khaled is claiming. A press release on his Myspace page insists that the "reports are completely false and unfounded", adding that Khaled "is in Miami, FL, working on Rick Ross' album, Deeper Than Rap."

That has to be the most brazen album plug we've ever seen.

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