Rick Sanchez Sets Media Standards for a New Generation

Categories: Media Watch
Rick Sanchez's transformation from WSVN's "If it bleeds, it leads" main man to king of media Twitterdom continues to astound and amaze. After Sanchez began his new CNN show complete with your Twitters, it has become de facto for journalists to figure out this whole Twitter thing. Even the Miami Herald is into it.

But the use of Twitter in news content is a brave new area, and Internet hero Sanchez is here to settle correct Twitter standards forever.

In 20 years, when science finds ways to integrate tweets into nearly everything, my young son will say to me: "Daddy, btw, why do they not show the Twitters while prez speaks?" And I will briefly look away from the latest address by President Bristol Palin and reply, "Because Rick Sanchez said so, son, because Rick Sanchez said so."

Also, haha, anyone who is unfamiliar with the Internet probably thinks Sanchez is speaking in some slang about tits. 

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