South Florida Blogosphere Finds Itself in All-Out War

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If there are two prominent figures in South Florida's small blogosphere, they are definitely former Stuck on the Palmetto, current South Florida Daily Blog blogger Rick, and Val Prieto and company at Babalu. And they couldn't be more polar opposites: Rick is decisively liberal, while Babalu's anti-Castro rhetoric keeps them on the ultra-conservative side of the spectrum, so naturally both blogs tend to lock horns on what they believe is right.

But the latest feud between arguably the area's two most popular blogs comes down to censorship. Babalu's bloggers have never denied they delete comments that don't match their sentiments, and Rick hasn't been shy to point out, among other things, that Babalu's objectives are the same as Castro's: media control and censorship of different ideology.

But in a fight that seems more like old ladies bickering about who gave whom dirty looks, it's no surprise it has come to this: In the ultimate form of retaliation, Babalu has effectively "banned" Rick's blog from linking to it. Any outbound links from SFDB to Babalu results in a blank page.

Babalu has yet to give a full explanation, except for a post quoting the First Amendment and ending with "Did you get that, sweetheart?" But looking through SFDB's archives, it's easy to see that Rick has rarely said anything positive about the blog. On the other hand, it's not like Babalu hasn't asked for it either, even bestowing upon Rick its First Annual Babalu Howler of the Year Award.

The fight even spilled over at Random Pixels, where blogger Bill wrote about the ban. In the comments, Rick points out all the things Babalu has been wrong about, while Babalu blogger Henry Gomez uses the word cocksucker. We know, this feud has come down to the lowest common denominator -- and this coming from a publication with trannies advertising a good time.

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