We Know Jackie Bueno Sousa Believes in Bush, but Does She Believe in 'The Soul, the Cock, the Pussy'?

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Yesterday, in the news roundup, we mentioned the Miami Herald's new columnist Jackie Bueno Sousa's first weekly piece and singled out the line: "I believe... history will redeem George W. Bush." Then we filed a mental note to keep an eye on this Jackie Bueno Sousa, for surely if she believes that, there must be tons of other wacky things she believes (maybe you could pick out a few actions for redemption, but the net effect of his entire presidency... eh).

The column consisted mainly of a weird diatribe about luck before stating her beliefs about all manner of things.

Right-leaning blog 26th Parallel liked the column and wrote, "I can see our liberal friends' heads beginning to explode, especially with the Bush-redemption comment." For the record, my head is in one piece. And it's good to see some new views and fresh faces in the column section.

But Generation Miami is calling PLAGIARISM! Seems Sousa's "I believe" shtick closely resembles a monologue from the movie Bull Durham, including the line "I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone." Far from the most egregious of journalistic offenses, but funny nonetheless, Sousa's cavalcade of earnest beliefs seemed to be inspired from a monologue that begins with "I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy..."

But Sousa has always been a big, big fan of dirty comedy. Her love of Eddie Murphy made her use the N-word!

Completely coincidental, honestly, but SFDB covered much of the same territory in a post earlier this morning. Check it out. Rick also points out Carlos Miller's reaction to the piece, a post that eluded us.

And while we're at it, South Florida Lawyers has some problems with the Herald's other new columnist, Glenn Garvin.

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