What's The Deal With Bryce Brown?

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About a year ago Bryce Brown as a promising, young high school running back orally committed to the University of Miami footballing concern. Makes sense, considering his older brother Arthur is also a Cane, but then Brown found him self the top rated recruit in the entire US of A, and decided to keep his options open well past National Signing Day. His offer from UM officially expires today. The Palm Beach Post claimed yesterday that UM will not offer him another one.

See young Bryce made some comments to the internet about new defensive coordinator Mr. Whipple that the Canes did not like ("something tells me that his philosophy, how he does things, is not really how I like.").

Doesn't he know? No one says anything bad about the Canes, or for that matter puts them through some drawn out recruitment sage, and gets away with it -- unless you beat them on the football field -- but usually they'll find a way to punish you in some half-assed Machiavellian way. Even if Bryce is some teenage kid, who like all teenage kids, likes to talk and talk and talk, and is probably not media savvy enough to know when to shut up.

Bryce is planning on making his decision on March 16th after a few more school visits, and even after informally committing to the Canes, which is Machiavellian in its own half assed way -- but you can thank Brian Butler, one of Brown's advisors, for that.

Brown meanwhile told his hometown paper, The Wichita Eagle, that he recently talked to Shannon, and if Brown wants to play at Miami, he'll play at Miami.

Quick, possibly wrong interpertation: UM doesn't want to feel embarassed if Brown goes somewhere else, and is sick of his advisors playing games, so they leaked this to the Post. It's like "Well, you can't break up with me because I broke up with you first." Though, if Brown really wants to play at UM, the Canes would gladly take the #1 recruit in the country. 

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