A-Rod and Limbaugh Are Apparently Exactly the Same

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by Rex Lameray via Belltown Messenger's Flickr
Rush Limbaugh and Alex Rodriguez both have their past drug struggles with pain killers and steroids respectively, they also both have multi-million dollar pads in South Florida. That is where the comparisons end to the untrained eye. But Robert Zimmerman, a volunteer for the DNC and a PR czar, says that they're pretty much one in the same.

On Anderson Cooper's CNN blog Zimmerman unleashes a screed on Republican hypocrisy before concluding with this:

On second thought, perhaps A-Rod wouldn't be embarrassed by their conduct or hypocrisy. It occurs to me that he and Limbaugh have a lot in common; neither is capable of shame, and, ultimately, both are corrosive to America today.
See, they're pretty much the exact same person.

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