As Predicted, Crist Loses CPAC Poll Horribly

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Something that actually appeared at this Carnival, CPAC, last year.
So maybe this took about as much insight as it would to predict that Rosie O'Donnell wouldn't win Ms. America, but it still feel good to be right. Friday we had this to say of Ol' Charles Crist's chances in the CPAC straw poll: "If Crist comes in anywhere else but near the bottom next to Giuliani and Pawlenty, we'll be surprised considering this is a red meat conservative crowd."

And look who came in dead last: Charlie Crist with only 1%. And who's his company at the bottom: Pawlenty with 2% and Giuliani with 3%.

The winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference for the third year in a row is Mitt Romney with 20%! 13-year old conservative wunderkind Bobby Jindal came in at second with 14%, while Sarah Palin and Ron Paul scored 13% each.

Well, if this is the company Crist would keep at the top of the field, maybe he's better off towards the back.

[MSNBC: Romney wins CPAC poll again]

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