Floridians Tend To Enjoy Internet Porn More Than Residents of Most Other States

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via Josh Spear
Considering that Florida brought the world that bizarre pornographic absurdity that is the Bang Bus (link to a New Times article, not the site), it really should be no surprise that Sunshine State residents really, really like their online porn.

Benjamin Edelman, a professor at Harvard's business school, did a study published in The Journal of Economic Perspectives (pfd) examining which states have the highest rates of subscription to internet pornography sites. No matter which way you cut it, Florida placed in the top ten.

For every thousand Floridians 1.05 has an internet porn subscription (8th in the nation!). For every thousand that actually has home internet service 1.72 subscribe to porn (4th overall), and for every thousand that has a home broadband connection 3.01 shelled out the $20 or so bucks for unlimited access to sure-to-be-regretful amateurs screwing (9th).

Of course, like everything, the study is politicized, and it seems that Conservatives love porn more than Liberals.

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