Former CBS4 Reporter Very Happy To Be Out of Miami

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You know when you bump into an ex, and they just go on, on and on about how great their new squeeze is. And you're just sitting there thinking, "What? Wasn't I great, too?"

Well, the latest interview from Brian Andrews, a former CBS4 reporter who decided to hectic decided to ditch town  16 months ago, kind of makes us feel like that. Andrews decided to check out of the "If It Bleeds, It Leads" world of South Florida tv, and trade it for the slower pace of Colombia, and the chance to do more important, international journalism. Or as he puts it in the interview, "Anyone can cover a shooting at a Burger King in Opa-Locka... but not everyone can cover a volcanic eruption, a hostage release, a 747 crash, regular political scandals, and the complex world of Colombian politics... and make them hit home for a global audience." [Update: Here is Andrews reporting on one of these important stories and really making them hit home for a global audience. It is a story about bats who poop on school childrens' heads.

As we've learned from watching the local tv news, yes, they will let just about anyone report on a fast food shooting as long as they have a nice smile and thick hair. Andrews now hosts a 30 minute English news program for Radio Cadena Nacional on their website.

He doesn't seem to miss Miami at all, which apparently is a human hell hole where people are uptight and the food refuses to taste good, because it hates you.

"The food here tastes different. The flavors are rich. Lunch lasts for hours and it's OK if you don't get back to the office in an hour [...] I have the most wonderful group of friends...and am more social and outgoing than I think I ever was in Miami. People actually smile at you and say Hola as you walk down the street. Women go out of their way to get dressed to the 9's when they go out each night. The culture here loves to dance and have fun. Being happy is key here.. family and friends come first, work comes second."

Be right back, buying plane tickets to Colombia.

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