New Poll: 9% of Southerners Find Bernie Madoff Favorable

This week poll magicians were out in full force collectively interrupting Americans' family dinners with long surveys. Both CBS and the Daily Kos have interesting polls out where we learn surprising things (Hillary Clinton has better approval ratings than Michelle Obama) and not so surprising things (Southerners love everything I hate, and hate everything I love). 

The Daily Kos poll statistically proves that Southerners have the worst taste in people.

  • Southerners hate Oprah more than your average American. 29% percent have an unfavorable opinion of her in Dixie, compared to 21% in all of America. How can anyone disapprove of Oprah?
  • Southerners are one of three groups (the others being Republicans and White folk) that find Ted Kennedy more unfavorable than favorable. 
  • 43% of southerners have a favorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh. 45% like Bill O'Reilly
  • Bernie Madoff, yes, Bernie friggin' Madoff gets his highest favorability rankings in the South, with 9%. Only 15% find him unfavorable. p.s. 10% of Republicans, and 10% of white folks find Bernie Madoff favorable! WHAT?

Now is one of those times where I am glad Miami is not really culturally part of the "South".

On to the CBS New's poll, which is chock full of interesting tidbits:

  • Only 18% of Americans support the Government giving money to automakers, yet 44% are "relieved" they did, and 32% thought it was necessary. In contrast only 37% support giving money to banks, but 71% approve of bailing out homeowners.
  • Most people expect the economic recovery to take at least take two years, and have the patience to wait that long.
  • Hillary Clinton has a 58% approval rating compared to Michelle Obama's 53% and Joe Biden's 23%. Though, 38% of American's had no opinion on Michelle, and 61% had no opinion on Biden (told you he was unpowerful). 
  • Americans trust Democrats with their problems more than Republicans. Democrats are even seen as the party best suited to deal with terrorism, polling 2 points better than the Republicans.

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