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Ever wonder what happens to the commemorative hats and T-shirts created for the team that loses the Super Bowl? According to a 2007 New York Times article, they're sent to a Sewickley, Pennsylvania warehouse owned by a company called World Vision, which has a contract with the NFL to redistribute the clothing to developing nations such as Uganda and Nigeria, where apparently there are a lot of burgeoning Arizona Cardinals fans. So what does this have to do with Peter Max, the pop artist who will appear Saturday, March 21, at the Wentworth Gallery in Fort Lauderdale and the Town Center mall in Boca Raton?
obamanmax lores.jpg

Max, who has done a portrait of the past five U.S. presidents, debuted his Barack Obama portrait on CBS's Early Show January 15, but it's not just one portrait. It's a quilt of 44 portraits laid out in a four-by-11-foot grid. He told host Harry Smith the portraits took "a long time," which makes me wonder: How long, Peter? Because either you banged these things out in the month and a half you had after the election like the bland, capitalist crap they are, or, and this is the theory I like: Somewhere in a factory in Candyland, there's a giant grid of John McCain portraits, casting 44 slightly insane smiles into the pinkish darkness.

If indeed this alternate artwork exists, it's infinitely more valuable than your tie-dye white-washing of Obama, and I think you have the moral obligation to donate it to a struggling African nation of your choice so it can profit from the art's sale by auction. I'll start the bidding at one dollar.

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