Professional Soccer in Miami Gets One More Chance

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It's still kind of unclear to me how many soccer fans in Miami want a local team, but for those that do it's been a bad few weeks. First Miami's MLS bid was withdrawn, and then came rumors that our ULS-1 team may leave town. Well, finally there's some good news. Miami FC will stay in South Florida.

"Considering South Florida's status as one of the most international cities in the world and the gateway to Latin America, South Florida must have a strong professional soccer team and host major international soccer events. I am very encouraged by the support we have seen over the past two weeks, but now is not the time to let up; this is our new beginning," said Miami FC's President, Aaron Davidson in a statement. "The future of soccer in South Florida depends on all of us."

Miami FC's season kicks of next month, so get out there and support them, soccer fans. You're on notice.

[OSC: Miami FC to play 2009 USL-1 season]

p.s. Vancouver was just awarded one of those MLS bids. Vancouver over Miami, seriously. 

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