Pull up to My Bumper, Plumpy

Categories: Culture
Ian Witlen
Well, this certainly wins the award for most haunting image to ever peak out from the slide shows sidebar here on Riptide. The Agatha Ruiz De La Prada outfit looks as if Plumpy and Jolly from Candyland double-teamed Grace Jones in the '80s (something that, quite frankly, very well could have happened) and then raised a secret love child.

Ruiz De La Prada (no relation to that Prada) is always the belle of Miami Fashion Week (no relation to that fashion week in Miami, or this one) even if her collections always debut earlier in the month in Milan, because her clothes are just so photogenic. So photogenic, in fact, you should check out our gallery and decide which other board game characters and nightlife eccentrics gave birth to her other creations (psst, this one is totally Hungry Hungry Michael Alig).

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