Richard Tuttle To Speak At MAM

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SW_WORKS.image.1556.w300.JPG 300×295 pixels.jpg
"20 Pearls (12)", 2003 acrylic on museum board and archival foam core with brad
I have always been a fan of minimalist anything (it takes up less space in my already tiny heart -- haha, bad joke!), so that's why I'm excited Mr. Richard Tuttle will be stopping by MAM on March 15th at 3pm. He'll being doing so to open up an exhibition of MAM's recent acquisitions, which naturally include Tuttle's work. In this case they're a selection of  Loose Leaf Notebook Drawings from the early 80's, though Miami may know the artist's work best for his stained glass instillation "Splash" in the Aqua development in Miami. Tickets are $5 for member, $10 for non-members.

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