ShamWow Guy Arrested for Beating Prostitute on South Beach

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Vince Shlomi is colloquially known as "that creepy guy from the ShamWow commercials" -- you know, those dumb super-absorbent cloths that go for $19.99 plus shipping and handling (if you act now!). He's currently on top of the infomercial world, and enjoying all the perks that come with it, like stays on South Beach and prostitutes.

The Smoking Gun today reveals that in February, Shlomi was arrested after a violent confrontation with a prostitute at the Setai. He met the working girl, Sasha Harris, at a club and took her back to his fancy $750-a-night room around 4 a.m. He offered her $1,000 for sex and proceeded to kiss her on the mouth, but Harris bit down on his tongue and wouldn't let go. So he punched her until she released. Harris was left with lacerations and bruises on her face. Shlomi sustained minor injuries as well. (See mug shots below.)

Earlier this month, prosecutors declined to press charges against either party, and it seemed as if this little PR mess would be cleaned up as easily as any of the spills in his commercials. Unfortunately for Shlomi, the Smoking Gun never misses a chance to report on a wacky arrest.

Quick side note: The police report said the two met at "Luigi's nightclub, located at 2377 Collins." That's actually the address for Louis at the Gansevoort. So now our new name for Louis is Luigi's -- it sounds better. Also, what the hell? Miami Beach Police can't keep their clubs straight.

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