Silly Porn Tax Remains Silly

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Can we tax plastic surgery instead?
The Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau has been following a proposed porn tax with quite some fervor lately, but the State Legislators can't seem to talk about the proposal with a straight face.

Republican Sen. Carey Baker said he'd heard someone throw out the idea of an extra tax on porn, and thinks that's a good idea. He also might have heard someone say Carey Baker is the best state senator in history. He didn't say it, honestly, but he heard it somewhere.

Democratic Sen. Eleanor Sobel also threw out the idea in a conference meeting. Then Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson set the tone for this discussion if it actually moves forward.

"We might have some frequent users in the Legislature, and that might cause a problem," Lawson said.

Because, you know, the only reason some one might want to oppose a tax on porn is because they're a dirty sex pervert who can't hire a prostitute like a real politician.

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