Six Degrees, So Long. 944, Howdy!

No doubt about it. Times are tight in the media market. The Herald's for sale, the Sun-Sentinel is bankrupt, and the SunPost is nearly cooked.

Now comes news that 944 has purchased Six Degrees, one of our favorite spunky little club entertainment mags, which just recently gave up the ghost. This is a medium-size biz, with branches in places like Atlanta and Vegas, but we find it a tad encouraging that someone is BUYing in this market.

Of course, if you read the press release after the jump, you'll quickly learn that we are talking cheap, cheap, cheap -- user-generated content and college students -- but still, it shows the kinda change that will help media to morph in the new recession/Internet world.

944 Media Acquires Six Degrees Magazine


PRESS CONTACT: Carly Harrill, 944 Magazine


944 Media Acquires Six Degrees Magazine

944 Media Completes Acquisition of Regional Publication Dedicated to Fashion and Entertainment

LOS ANGELES (March 5, 2009) - 944 Media, LLC ("944 Media") ( has announced the acquisition of assets of Six Degrees magazine and its Web site portal ( The monthly fashion and entertainment publication will join 944 Media's existing portfolio of seven lifestyle publications in the nation's leading entertainment hubs.

"The addition of Six Degrees to our portfolio makes 944 Media the largest regional lifestyle media group in the country based on circulation and frequency," said CEO and Founder of 944 Media, Marc Lotenberg. "The expansion shows our dedication to remain true to our early roots and focus on the power of youth marketing."

With the acquisition of Six Degrees magazine, 944 Media will circulate more than 330,000 audited magazines per month for an annual national distribution of 4 million copies. At a 7.2 pass-along rate, the media portfolio will reach a readership of 29 million per year.

Currently operating in the Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and Las Vegas markets, Six Degrees magazine is a pocket-sized publication that focuses on topics defined around culture, style and city living. With a circulation strategy similar to that of 944 magazine, Six Degrees is distributed complimentary at more than 2,400 unique locations, with a total circulation of 90,000 copies per month. The communications company targets a male and female-based audience between the ages of 21 and 32 with a media portfolio that encompasses a magazine, Web site, viral marketing and special events arms.

As part of the transition, Six Degrees will appeal more to young influencers with an emphasis on user-generated content and grassroots marketing. In an effort to expand the job market and remain true to its startup approach, 944 Media will strive to provide additional employment opportunities at Six Degrees for new college graduates, interns and aspiring journalists and photographers.

April 30, 2009, will mark the debut issue of Six Degrees magazine under the 944 Media umbrella. The publication will continue to operate in its current markets, with plans to expand into two of 944's existing markets in 2009, and three markets in 2010.

"Both 944 and Six Degrees are powerful brands in the cities in which they publish, and both utilize a multimedia platform to market a progressive magazine and forward-thinking Web site, while executing exciting signature events," said President of Six Degrees Michael George. "The alliance is a win-win, and the synergies between the two brands could be endless in connecting with a vast growing demographic of consumers."

The Six Degrees staff will merge into the 944 offices in both the Miami and Las Vegas markets, while the Atlanta and Detroit editions will continue to operate with the current staff.

High-resolution cover artwork and interviews are available upon request. Please contact 944 Media Director of PR, Carly Harrill, at 619-817-5066 or for more information.

About 944 Media

Driven by an arsenal of city-specific lifestyle publications in the country's largest entertainment hubs, 944 Media has created a unique lifestyle portfolio specializing in print and online content, special events and a custom publishing division. Founded in 2001, 944 is setting the pace for a new generation of innovative media trends, projecting a standard of living for the accomplished, upwardly mobile tastemaker through an all-inclusive resource. The conglomerate capitalizes on a hyper-local publishing model that balances regional and national content, while an immediate print turnaround allows each issue to hit the streets within 24 hours of close. The digital platform,, has extended the reach of the publication with daily content attracting more than 2.5 million unique viewers per month. Through an innovative supply chain distribution platform, 944 Media circulates more than 4 million copies per year, with more than 6,400 strategic distribution locations and placement in 25,000 luxury hotel rooms nationwide. In 2008, 944 Media CEO and Founder Marc Lotenberg was named one of "America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs: 30 Under 30" by Inc. magazine for innovative business and entrepreneurial practices.

About Six Degrees Magazine

Embracing a hip, youthful appeal, Six Degrees magazine caters to an audience on the vanguard of the next generation's progressive trends with a pocket-size lifestyle publication, cutting-edge Web site and signature special events. Founded upon the "Six Degrees of Separation" theory, Six Degrees focuses on a city's culture and style, as well as the connection of its individuals through common interests and acquaintances. Guided by a monthly readership of 600,000-plus in the Miami, Las Vegas, Detroit and Atlanta regions, Six Degrees magazine is distributed complimentary across more than 2,400 distribution locations. As a multi-platform communications agency, Six Degrees drives the consumer experience with other promotional components including viral marketing and signature special events.


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