UM Tennis Players Invite Fans to Watch Rival Coach "Take It in the Ass"

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Sorry, guys, the Williams sisters are more gangsta than you. Hell, Jelena Jankovic is more gangsta.
After Randy Shannon came aboard and decided to portray the football team as a monastery, it's been up to other University of Miami athletes to pick up the slack and keep the spirit of Thug U alive.

The UM men's tennis team seems to be willing, in its own inept, frat boy-ish way. They'll play UVA (#1 team in the nation, if you care) this Friday, and some team members have politely asked their fans, via the powerful means of a public Facebook event page, to come out to the match ready to get drunk and "watch UVA head coach Brian Boland take it in the ass."

Deadspin, a national sports blogs, has already taken notice. Expect some sort of heavy-handed punishment to come out of the athletics department (or at least expect them to remember they have a men's tennis team).

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