You Know What The World Needs More Of? Luxury Hotels!

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via PR Newswire
We know Paris Hilton doesn't have anything to do with the management of the hotel company that bears her family name, but sometimes you have to wonder. In the midst of the latest, greatest depression and economic free fall you might expect any new hotel plans to include cots, a soup kitchen, and group showers.

Instead, Hilton Hotels Corp is launching a new line of luxury pads called Denizen Hotels, and is already working on plans to bring one to Miami.

"Denizen hotels, a lifestyle brand that will attract business and leisure travelers across cultures and generations and has an authenticity that will appeal to today's sensibilities, will be highlighted by exceptional design and service at an accessible price point," said Hilton president and CEO Christopher Nassetta in a press release.

Maybe it's good news that a large company like Hilton is confidant enough that we'll pull through this latest economic dip, and soon we'll all be able to spend our holidays not just in hotels, but luxury "lifestyle brands" again.

Maybe it's not so silly after all: The markets, they are rallying

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