Beat Up Castro Thugs and Hang with Corrupt Miami Cops in The Godfather II

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Unfortunately, Riptide is not on any free videogame press lists, but The Godfather II game comes out today. The advance reviews are favorable, but no one is claiming this is a better game than the Grand Theft Auto series (then again, what is?). In that game, however, you didn't get to beat any Fidel Castro-loving ass, did you?

Players guide a character named Dominic (no, he wasn't in the movie) as he battles his way out of Cuba following Batista's resignation. We're not 100 percent sure, though, if a little 3-D Castro is available to shoot at. Eventually, as the game progresses, you get access to three cities -- New York, Miami, and Havana -- and you're expected to take over organized crime in each. The cops in Miami are also corrupt, natch.

If you liked the first Godfather game, you'll probably love this one. Just don't hold your breath for the third to be decent -- we all know how that goes.

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